To my Love, for the greatest year of my life.

I’ve always wanted to write an English post and I think I couldn’t have chosen a better day for doing it.

It’s been over a year since I first met you during that rainy summer night, when fate was definitely on our sides. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if I never went to that club that night, what if you didn’t. But mostly, what if I wasn’t a desperate smoker?! I probably won’t be so happy like I am today.
When I look back to the last twelve months I understand how lucky I am to have found you, even because, after all, you’re exactly the perfect person for me. The person I should be with. Weekend by weekend, flight by flight, we have lived those moments that made the most beautiful year of my life. Those eternal memories, my most precious treasure, that will always be part of who I am.

Milan, London, Rome, Warsaw, Berlin, Brighton, Sofia, Thessaloniki, Barcelona, Paris, the Five Lands, Dusseldorf, Diamante, Naples, Split, Beijing, even the Philippines. Places that will always be witnesses of our love.

After one year next to you, my life has completely changed, and so do I. They say you only meet that person who changes your whole world once in a life time. Seems I definitely found mine. We complete each other, and I think that’s the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to someone.
What I wish more than anything else now is a bright future together, full of new smiles, unforgettable moments and amazing adventures, where all of our dreams come true. Because that’s what you gave me in the last 365 days, happiness and hope. And I’m thankful to you. And forever will be.

You’re landing in London right now, and I’m feeling all the emptiness that this part takes everytime.

I want to close this post with a song that everything started with.
For a new begin, embracing the past, looking forward for an even brighter future together.

I love you so much.

Always yours,


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