The Finish Line.

And then, after days and months spent looking at the past and wondering about the future, you arrive at a point where you realise that things will never be the same they used to be.
Where each one’s path is following its own way, with the feelings that become memories, day by day, leaving the present. Saying goodbye to the shared dreams and life projects that we once had together, as they would no longer have sense.

There are no more tears, no more pain when you arrive at the finish line. It’s a battle lost, where emptiness reigns inside of our hearts.

So we will go on, fulfilling that emptiness with hopes and dreams that no longer have anything to do with each other.
And one day we will hold another’s hand, that will fill our hearts again.

How sad life can be when you reach the finish line.

But also, how hopeful life can be when you go ahead, and you start writing a new line.
Pursuing another kind of happiness.

The happiness that we did not manage to keep together.


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